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2019 On Field Training (scrimmage sign up)

If you've completed the classroom training, now's the time to sign-up for on-field training. Scrimmages will be added to the link below as the teams identify their dates.  Please sign up for one or more sessions.  Please wear your full referee uniform including flags and timer.   If you don't have it all yet, please wear all black.  DRESS FOR THE WEATHER !!

Sign up for Scrimmages Now!

by posted 03/05/2019
Youth Official Instructions 2019

GLLOA Members:  The process to become a Youth or Junior referee is detailed below.  I have taken these steps with my son who has completed the process in order to provide as clear a set of directions as possible.

A) Sign up for free membership at GLLOA (contact with any issues)

B) Join US Lacrosse, if not already a member and be sure to choose Great Lakes Lacrosse Officials Organization as your local group.  If you are signed up as a player already, please call USL to transfer your membership to an official over the phone, 410-235-6882 ext. 102. Being listed as a player will not allow you to be covered under an official’s insurance – that is why USL membership matters. 

**NOTE** if have or want to attend one of the three IHSA clinics GLLOA for the 2019 season, please email me as you only need to take the Youth test (skip to part I below).

C) Log into USL once a member and follow the instructions on the OFFICIALS ... Online Courses … Catalogue … Officials … Men’s Game Officials … Rules Courses and Rules Webinar … Boy's Lacrosse Rules Online Course (this is the NFHS course).

D) Purchase it (it is free).

E) Launch the course.  If you took and passed the course in 2018, you only need to cover the 2019 Rules Changes video (about 8 minutes long) and move on to step I.  If it is your first time, start with the top option "Learn About This Course ... OPEN FIRST"

F) Proceed to the 2019 Rules Changes Video and then Rule 1 Learning Segment.  Watch and interact with the video to complete the course.

G) Click on the Knowledge Check after each segment and answer the questions.

H) Repeat until done ... this is about 3.0 hours of training and it does not have to be completed in one sitting; we did it in two sessions. Get and save your course certificate when complete.

I) Move on to the exam at Annual Rules Exams ... 2019 Youth Boys Rules Exam.   Be sure to look at the resources before you start as they are helpful and check out the digital 2019 Youth Boys Rule Book at (hint, it will help on the test).

J) Take the test and earn an 85% on the exam ... save your exam certificate when complete.


When you are finished, please email me the 2019 Youth Rules Test certificate.  At this time, you are ready to officiate.  Youth games start in the middle of April.  We will be in posting details on uniforms, Arbiter assigning, mentors, and scrimmages for youth officials.


Dave Krok

President, GLLOA

by posted 01/29/2019
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