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Illegal Helmet Models Cascade Model R and Warrior Regulator

To:     GLLOA Members

From: GLLOA Board of Directors

Date: December 3, 2014

Re:    Illegal Helmet Models – Cascade Model R and Warrior Regulator

This memo is to 1) highlight recent events that rendered two commonly used lacrosse helmet models illegal, and 2) clearly state how GLLOA members should practically address and enforce lacrosse rules related to the illegal helmets.

GLLOA’s Position and Direction to Members

GLLOA’s position and direction to its members regarding these newly illegal helmets are directly aligned with the guidance and interpretations US Lacrosse issued in its communications beginning November 24, 2014. The Cascade Model R and Warrior Regulator helmets are illegal under US Lacrosse, NCAA, and NFHS rules and therefore may not be worn during play. As lacrosse officials, GLLOA members’ responsibility is to enforce the rules of lacrosse as written and interpreted by the rules’ governing bodies and ensure the safety of all players.

Specifically, until further notice, GLLOA members shall:

  1. Review, understand, and abide by the guidance and interpretations in the November 24 and December 2, 2014 US Lacrosse memos to officials;
  1. Certify both coaches together before every game no matter how many officials are present, being sure to include the certification language US Lacrosse provided in its December 2 memo to officials;
  1. Be able to identify (a) the NOCSAE helmet certification stamp on helmets, (b) the Cascade Model R helmet, and (c) the Warrior Regulator helmet. The November 25 US Lacrosse memo includes pictures of each of these items and direction on how to identify them; and
  1. Not permit any player to participate in a game with (a) a helmet without the NOCSAE certification stamp, (b) the Cascade Model R helmet, or (c) the Warrior Regulator helmet, regardless of whether the player, parent, or other adult has signed a liability waiver.

Note that GLLOA will also be notifying the larger Illinois lacrosse community, including the IHSA, the IHSLA, league administrators, assignors, and coaches, of GLLOA’s position on this matter and the direction we have given you .

We appreciate your attention to this matter and your professionalism in enforcing the rules of lacrosse as they are written and interpreted by the game’s governing bodies. If you have questions regarding the US Lacrosse memos or this memo please contact Dave Krok via email ( ) or by phone (609-468-2269).


US Lacrosse Communications Recap

November 24, 2014, US Lacrosse press release:

November 25, 2014, US Lacrosse memo to all lacrosse officials:

Summary of December 2, 2014, US Lacrosse memo to all lacrosse officials:

  1. Helmets worn in lacrosse games must be NOCSAE certified.  Signing waivers allowing players to wear these helmets is not an acceptable solution.
  2. Officials, administrators, and coaches allowing these helmets on the field open themselves up to greater liability, risk, and potentially reduced insurance coverage.
  3. Player safety is everyone’s responsibility and therefore not optional. 
  4. USL has all communication in a single location on Arbiter.  It can be found here:


by posted 12/03/2014
2015 GLLOA Registration Open

Dear GLLOA Members:

GLLOA has opened 2015 registration!  Please head over to register at as we will use our registration list for all our communications of requirements, training, pre-season, and in-season updates. 

As we did last year, the $40 registration fee will cover all 2015 training, mentoring, observation, and official’s development costs.  To be a member in good standing, we do require you are also a 2015 US Lacrosse member and an IHSA registered official.  Both of these additional memberships offer great value and compliment the local training and assigning costs we already cover via membership.

The GLLOA Board will also announce our 2015 training dates and locations soon!  Do not delay, register for the season now.

Best Regards,


Dave Krok

President, GLLOA

by posted 11/25/2014
Lacrosse Rules Updates

The NCAA has just released the rules information for 2014 NCAA fall lacrosse ==> 2014 NCAA Fall Rules

In addition, the NFHS has provided an update to the shooting strings restriction portion of the 2015 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes

by posted 09/01/2014
GLLOA Registration

If you're interested in officiating boys lacrosse, please register here.  We will notify you of upcoming training and events.

The GLLOA Board.

by posted 07/28/2014
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